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27 - 30 Jun, 2021 | 240$

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Program Description

This is a masterclass of four two-hour sessions that will develop and enhance your coaching ability. Coaching is now universally accepted as a major leadership tool that fits with the complex and ever-changing requirements of businesses in the 21st century. Coaching is about releasing the potential of the people that you lead, and as a result, brings about great personal satisfaction for all concerned.

Tony Swainston

Leadership coach and trainer
Tony Swainston is an international trainer who has worked in over 20 countries and visited Saudi Arabia to carry out leadership and coaching training on many occasions.

Target group

This masterclass will be appropriate for those who are already in positions of leadership responsibility and want to reflect on their present style and actions as a leader, and how they may decide from what they learn to adapt their leadership on the basis of what they learn. It will also support those who are starting out in their business career and are keen to learn about the actions and methodologies of great leaders.

Fee: 240 US$

(VAT excluded)

Bonus: The fee includes the cost of a Development Certificate from ILM (the Institute of leadership and management), which is the largest awarding body of leadership qualifications in the UK. The cost of this certificate is normally 100 US$).


Coaching for change | Online

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